One thought on “At the Park

  1. mof5kids

    Hey Byron, I just found out about your blog. That is too cool that you have a blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts. It's a bummer the videos aren't there to watch on youtube anymore. I liked your information on the Kangaroo.

    When are you going to write some more info in your blog? You've neglected it this year, huh?

    Also, could I make one suggestion? If you do get back to your blog, could you change the background? I like the green with the white polka dots, but it makes it hard to read. Especially the dates. I had to really squint to see the dates.

    Anyway, have a fun year learning all the cool stuff you're gonna learn this year at school.

    Stay cool, dude.
    Love, Aunt Cheri

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