My SiblingsMy younger siblings are mean. They torture me, hide my belongings, steal from me and make me in trouble. These are examples.

My brother and sisters torture me. They change what I want on TV. I have to change the channel when they’re in the room to little kids (baby) shows. They don’t believe in letting me be alone ever. Once I asked my mom if I could watch Avatar in her room but then my little sister came in and said “Byron, I’m in here, change the channel.” Brent came in too just to tell me that “mommy doesn’t let me watch Avatar, so change it.” It’s hard to be the oldest.

My brother and sisters hide stuff from me. My own things! They hide my games so that I can’t play my DS! They are hoping that I will play with them instead. Once I was playing my DS and my sister came in and said “Mommy said you have to play with me, if you don’t then I will yell at you.” They love to frustrate me because they think that it’s fun to watch me get angry, it’s not.

My brother and sisters have no respect for my stuff. They take my DS, the remote, my playtime, etc. I hide stuff in my pillow but they find it. I put it in other places but they still find it, they use and play with it. When they play/use it, they break it sometimes. Books have been colored in, board games have missing pieces, my little sister once broke a game because she couldn’t play it.

Once when I was going to my friend’s house, Brent wanted to go too. I thought that he was putting on his shoes so I went to close the door but I closed the door accidentally on his face or fingers – I couldn’t tell which. My mom got mad at me and I got sent to my room for eight minutes because however old you are you are sent to your room for that long in minutes (he should have told me that he already had his shoes on).
My younger siblings are mean. They torture me, hide my belongings, steal from me and make me in trouble.

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  1. Forwards Fun!

    That is a lot to deal with, huh Byron? I could tell you are very frustrated by your younger siblings. But you were able to tell your frustrations very well. You are a good writer. Thanks for sharing.

    Aunt Cheri

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