Surviving 4th Grade

Byron's 4th grade survival guide.If you want to do well in fourth grade, then listen up to this wonderful story and listen well.

On the first day of school, you need to be quiet and listen to everything Mr. Stewart says because it will help you for the rest of the year. It’s harder because they expect you to know more during the summer and do better in school. If you give Mr. Stewart a present then he will be happy (and after the first day of school you will notice that he likes coffee). There is a lot more homework and harder homework (get prepared to get attacked by homework).

Fourth grade can also be fun. If you like reading, then do work fast and more reading for you. You also get trusted more because you are older then eight so you can go outside (without pretending to be at recess).

In fourth grade I learned a lot of things. In math I learned fractions, single digits times double digits, how to play games, and double digit time double digit, triple digit times triple digit and quadruple digits times quadruple digits. We are learning a lot of stuff in writing and so will you (if your in fourth grade next year). I hope we learn long division, huge numbers with times factors, unpredictable science and making stuff levitate.

If you were reading this don’t reread,but do these things to stay alive.

One thought on “Surviving 4th Grade

  1. Forwards Fun!

    Fourth grade sounds alright, but I don't think I would like to do fourth grade all over again. You're lucky to get a man teacher, as I don't think there are many man teachers in elementary schools and they are good teachers.

    About that last line there . . .

    "If you were reading this don't reread, but do these things to stay alive".

    What do you mean by this and are you serious or just kidding?

    Stay cool. Hey, maybe you could find a "Byron Spot" that is just yours and when you are in it, you're siblings can't bother you!!

    Love ya, Aunt Cheri

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