Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering - Back of CardTwo years ago my dad taught me how play a card game called Magic the Gathering. Magic is my favorite game.

I like magic because it’s fun and challenging. It has difficult creatures and spells that I have to play at the right time. I enjoy creating decks of cards with its spells and creatures. You need combinations to win the game.

I like playing with my friends and do challenging games. I like the way they make their own decks. It is one of my favorite ways to play with my friends.

I would recommend this fun and challenging game.

I buy magic cards.

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Surviving 4th Grade

Byron's 4th grade survival guide.If you want to do well in fourth grade, then listen up to this wonderful story and listen well.

On the first day of school, you need to be quiet and listen to everything Mr. Stewart says because it will help you for the rest of the year. It’s harder because they expect you to know more during the summer and do better in school. If you give Mr. Stewart a present then he will be happy (and after the first day of school you will notice that he likes coffee). There is a lot more homework and harder homework (get prepared to get attacked by homework).

Fourth grade can also be fun. If you like reading, then do work fast and more reading for you. You also get trusted more because you are older then eight so you can go outside (without pretending to be at recess).

In fourth grade I learned a lot of things. In math I learned fractions, single digits times double digits, how to play games, and double digit time double digit, triple digit times triple digit and quadruple digits times quadruple digits. We are learning a lot of stuff in writing and so will you (if your in fourth grade next year). I hope we learn long division, huge numbers with times factors, unpredictable science and making stuff levitate.

If you were reading this don’t reread,but do these things to stay alive.

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My SiblingsMy younger siblings are mean. They torture me, hide my belongings, steal from me and make me in trouble. These are examples.

My brother and sisters torture me. They change what I want on TV. I have to change the channel when they’re in the room to little kids (baby) shows. They don’t believe in letting me be alone ever. Once I asked my mom if I could watch Avatar in her room but then my little sister came in and said “Byron, I’m in here, change the channel.” Brent came in too just to tell me that “mommy doesn’t let me watch Avatar, so change it.” It’s hard to be the oldest.

My brother and sisters hide stuff from me. My own things! They hide my games so that I can’t play my DS! They are hoping that I will play with them instead. Once I was playing my DS and my sister came in and said “Mommy said you have to play with me, if you don’t then I will yell at you.” They love to frustrate me because they think that it’s fun to watch me get angry, it’s not.

My brother and sisters have no respect for my stuff. They take my DS, the remote, my playtime, etc. I hide stuff in my pillow but they find it. I put it in other places but they still find it, they use and play with it. When they play/use it, they break it sometimes. Books have been colored in, board games have missing pieces, my little sister once broke a game because she couldn’t play it.

Once when I was going to my friend’s house, Brent wanted to go too. I thought that he was putting on his shoes so I went to close the door but I closed the door accidentally on his face or fingers – I couldn’t tell which. My mom got mad at me and I got sent to my room for eight minutes because however old you are you are sent to your room for that long in minutes (he should have told me that he already had his shoes on).
My younger siblings are mean. They torture me, hide my belongings, steal from me and make me in trouble.

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Byron's Baptism

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Do you know an animal with four toes that lives in Australia? A kangaroo does.

Kangaroos live in the grasslands and scrub brush. They are almost all over Australia. They are also on other neighboring islands.

Kangaroos are redish brown. They are 7 feet tall or taller. Their feet are 1.5 feet. They are herbivores. That means they are plant eaters. They protect themselves with their claws. They also protect themselves with their long long tail.

A baby kangaroo is called a Joey. A baby kangaroo at birth is the size of a lima bean.

If you want to be safe, you can kick them. Your feet might be as strong as a kanagroo.

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Olive Garden

Olive GardenIf you dont have an idea for dinner, go to Olive Garden. They have crayons for the children. We order Pasta, Bread, and Chocolate milk. 

The pasta has extra sauce on it. Sometimes it is gooey and it is always yummy.

The bread is hot when you get it. The bread is soft and thick too.

Chocolate milk is chocolately and milky. It is creamy to me. 

I can’t wait to go back there. I like their food, drinks, and that we get to have the bread while we wait so we won’t starve to death.

By, Byron

C’est diffĂ©rent pour les diffĂ©rents lots. La durĂ©e de vie est de 2 ans en moyenne de la date de fabrication, et diffère d’un lot Ă  l’autre selon le moment oĂą ils ont Ă©tĂ© fabriquĂ©s. Non, malheureusement. Un fabricant peut crĂ©er un mĂ©dicament gĂ©nĂ©rique seulement après que le mĂ©dicament de marque expiration du brevet. Après un brevet est arrĂŞtĂ©, pas chaque fabricant prend la dĂ©cision de fabriquer une version gĂ©nĂ©rique d’un mĂ©dicament particulier.